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About Emerald Therapy

I called my practice Emerald Therapy because so many aspects of this precious gemstone are reflected in each one of us as precious human beings -- our fragility, our uniqueness, our beauty, our flaws, our value, our capacity for love and our abundant potential.


The official gem measurement scale (Mohrs) tells us that Emeralds are the softest of all the gemstones. While highly captivating in their allure, these stones are the most fragile and vulnerable. For emeralds to be the best version of themselves, they require regular oiling - care is an absolute must.



A deep love of nature has been a lifelong inspiration.  Emerald green is reflected in so many aspects of Mother Nature and its calming colour signifies growth, peace, balance and healing.  When we envelope ourselves in the rhythms and forms of nature, it can be transformative and healing because it allows us to experience life through all our senses and recognise that we are somehow connected to something bigger.



In many eastern philosophies, the Emerald is known as the ‘stone of successful love’.  It symbolises an opening and nurturing of the heart and the heart chakra, bringing soothing energy and vitality to the spirit.  Even in the ancient world, the Emerald was associated with Venus, the Goddess of Love.   

About Emerald
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